About Us


Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs is the largest Jewelry and Watch Repair franchise in the world. With over 170 franchised independently owned stores “My Warranty Wallet” ™ is the solution to a problem that the Fast Fix store owners and customers have been facing for the last 30 years. Every 4 out of 10 customers misplace their warranty cards and since the card is the only way to prove that purchase for a speciffic timepiece was made and the timepiece is covered by warranty of free battery replacement service for the period desired there is no way to prove it , which creates a friction and level of distrust. Now, this is eliminated by simply providing  the customer with a free "My Warranty Wallet" ™ digital wallet where safely and securely, you can keep all warranty cards issued for a timepiece safe and organized. This eliminates the hassle of keeping cards and carrying cards to the stores every time battery service is needed. Simply come to the counter, open the wallet app, let the salesperson verify the identity and credentials of the watch and service will be provided in a timely manner, no questions asked!


We are happy to present this valuable tool to Fast Fix customers at no charge and we hope that this will only boost the confidence of the outmost valuable service our Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs franchise stores are providing to their the customers.